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First Sunny Day at
WhiteOak Farm
On March 21, 2000 two very special puppies came to live with us at WhiteOak.  They are already a part of our family.  These two puppies came all the way across the United States from Washington State from a wonderful Family of Springer Breeders called "Ramblewood" Springers.  And to Linda Riedel, Judyann, and Theresa Miller... I will always be greatful.  I knew immediately, that first sunny day I saw them in my yard, that they were very, very special.  They will help our Breeding Program grow in ways we could not have done on our own.  And we are just "sure" that Mama Linda must have a dowrey that comes with this little boy...  that would be marked for his "Specials" career!  (very big smile)  He has - "I'm a Specials Boy" - written all over him.  So we are trying to put money away now for our great expectations we have for this boy.  He is "that kind" of boy, you know - the one you see move and say "Wow!"  You watch him stop... "true on all four square".  He has style AND grace.  He knows he is something very special and carries that "air" about him.  And the beautiful girl is everything you'd want a female springer to be.  She is sweet and outgoing, friendly to one and all.  Her movement is to be seen and appreciated.  We have high hopes and plans for her and her offspring, years in the future.  And in the meantime...  they will be loved very much here at WhiteOak.
Linda, Theresa, and JudyAnn...
Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you !!!!!
On the left is our new Male Puppy from Ramblewood Kennel,  Linda Riedel  (Washington State) His Name is now:
Ramblewoods Great Balls Of Fire called Jerry Lee

And below is our new Girl, from Judyann Hawks also from Washington State. Named:
Ramblewoods Amazing Grace  called Gracie

Both puppies came together to us.
This is their puppy photos from their very first and second day here at WhiteOak in North Carolina.  It is easy to see... they have made themselves "right at home" and are having fun in the sun!  They think we were put on earth for "them".
These two adorable pups "belong" together!!  They love each other and play, play, and PLAY!!!   They get so much joy from being in each others company.
It starts out as a friendly game of "pull the stick" then, it gets a little more physical... and then the FUN BEGINS!!   It's time to play chase ...  'N .... Tag !!! 
So here we go.....
First, the girl goes after the big Boy!  And she knows how to run, too!  He'll have to be fast to get away from her.  Maybe he'll try to divert her attention to something else!
Yep!!!   Works everytime!  Just pick up something from the ground, and prance around like "I've got it and you don't!!"  Works everytime!  She's a real sucker for this old trick!
Ah..... but he really does  loves her.  She is his Pal, and they kiss and make up.  But there will be more tricks tomorrow to play!  Just wait and see.
So they both come running back to "Mom" for love and affection.  They act as if they have lived here since they were born.  (Not just two days <grin>)  They have taken over the yard, the house ....  and our hearts!!

All within the first 48 hours of arriving.

We are expecting great things from both of them.

Thanks Linda!
Thanks Judyann!
  Thanks Theresa!

for all you have done...


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Ya'll Come Back, O.K?
With  these New Puppies.... well, we had to have a new "Dog Mobile" befitting of them !!
O.K.... it's not new, but it IS new to "us". <smile>

It's my first Van....
and it's Just for the Dogs!

(and perhaps an occassional family ride)
It has plenty of room inside for dogs to be loose...
and for a bed...
and for a few crates too!
The first thing the Springers did was to check out the "bed". 

They had to make sure it was soft enough for their rides to be comfortable!
Even with the bed down...
There is STILL room for crates, luggage, and grooming tables!

Justin loves to Jump over the Bed and lay in the floow right next to the "rear" air-conditioner.  Thank goodness for 2 complete separate A/C's !!! 

One for "me"
and One for "the Springers"
With the Back Bench Seat laid down in the "bed" mode, it is very soft and comfortable.  With two separate music systems.  One for the folks in the rear and another separate system up front for the driver and rider! 

My springers like Mozart... what do your's like?
I had to wait a long time to find "just the right" Van. 

Price was important.... So I am proud to say that I bargained until we paid only $3,500 cash for it.
It is clean, runs like a charm, and has that extra "head" space and "moon window".  The dogs and I have standing room!
Now I just have to take care of it, and make it last me quite a few years.  For all of you who have already had your first Vans....
You know why I am so excited with getting my first one with my Springers!
Now Come watch our Special Pups Grow...